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Area of Expertise

  • Business Strategy and Planning

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Compliance Officer Finance Administration

  • Information and Communications Technology

  • Marketing Administration

  • Complaints Management

  • SRA compliance

  • Project Management

  • Procurement

About Alan Hawkes

Alan’s responsibility is to manage the business effectively and efficiently, creating, implementing and monitoring processes and procedures for the smooth running of the firm.

Alan is our first point of contact with our regulatory body and has the responsibility to ensure that we act in accordance with guidelines set out for solicitors to safeguard our client’s interests. As such he is also our Complaints Manager.

Outside work, Alan likes to keep fit playing badminton. He is a keen grower who has an allotment, where he attempts to grow his own fruit and veg.

Thank you for your support Alan in resolving my queries so quickly. Your detailed response answered all my points fully.

Mrs RP

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