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Dispute Resolution


Most of us at some time in our lives are faced with the reality or prospect of a legal dispute. This may or may not involve going to court. We may be concerned over the prospects, or the cost, or both. The court process itself can be daunting, particularly given the way that courtrooms are depicted in films or on TV.

Sometimes there are additional pressures if your opponent is, for example, a family member or a neighbour. We can help to reduce the stress and worry and advise you clearly as to what your options are. 

Often it is possible to negotiate a settlement and indeed it is usually preferable to do so, as often the costs of pursuing private litigation are disproportionate to the value at stake. Where that is the case, we provide clear and detailed advice as to the cost of disputes and how they can be minimised. We will also consider funding options with you.

We give realistic advice and we communicate in plain English without using legal jargon. You may also need to consider your opponent’s financial means. We can provide advice and assistance on this very important element of a dispute. We bring our considerable experience and legal skills to any dispute along with our commitment to giving you clear and cost effective advice. We also have considerable experience of mediation and other forms of resolving disputes without going to court.

We can help you in connection with any kind of legal dispute including:

  • Probate and inheritance disputes

  • Breach of contract issues

  • Property disputes

  • Professional negligence claims, e.g. against builders or construction professionals

  • Trust of land claims and disputes over ownership of property

  • Cohabitation Disputes/TOLATA Claims

Enquire today:

For more information and professional advice on Dispute Resolution, please contact;

Anna Barnes

Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Telephone: 0161 434 9991


Carly joined our case at an advanced stage, rapidly grasping both the issues and our objectives. Her communication was confident, clear and concise. She helped us avoid getting dragged into emotional and distracting red herrings, keeping us focused in a pragmatic and objective approach. Whilst we determined to settle it is my firm belief it cost us less in both money and stress as a result of Carly’s expertise and guidance, than would otherwise have been the case. 

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