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Complaints Policy:

We are committed to providing a high quality legal service. If something goes wrong or you are unhappy with your bill we want you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

If you have a complaint please contact us in writing with the full details of your complaint to

Mr A Hawkes, Practice Manager, Salehs LLP, Didsbury House, 748 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2DW, or email,

On receipt of your complaint:

  • We will send you an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 days.

  • We will pass your complaint to your complaint handler

  • A full detailed reply will be sent or a letter explaining when you can receive this will be sent to you within 21 days of your complaint.

  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may make ask for a review of the decision to our Practice Manager within 7 days.

  • Our Practice Manager will then pass your complaint to the Senior Partner for further consideration.

  • A detailed reply will be sent to you within 7 days.

  • If still unresolved at this stage, you may take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. Normally, you will have to bring your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman within 6 months of receiving a final response from us about your complaint and 6 years from the date of the act or omission giving rise to the complaint or alternatively 3 years from the date you should reasonably have known there are grounds for complaint (if the act/omission took place before 6 October 2010 or was more than 6 years ago).

  • You may make a complaint to our governing body, the SRA, if you believe that we have not followed their guiding principles. The principles can be found at

Enquire today:

For more information and professional advice
please contact;

Alan Hawkes

Practice Manager

Telephone: 0161 434 9991

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