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Can you protect your home and assets from care fees?

April 16, 2019 9:31 am | This post was written by mmadigital | Posted in: Dispute resolution, Family, General news, Lasting powers of attorney, Probate, Salehs news, Wills

Some of us are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of good health, a long life and a good standard of living. We own a house, and maybe have built up other assets too, so it’s also natural to want to protect our assets for our children. When it comes to paying for care, it’s tempting to look for ways to avoid our assets being means tested by the local authority to pay for these services.

You may have heard that care homes fees can be avoided by placing your home into trust. Whilst that is potentially possible, it is not always effective.  The unsuccessful ones are often drawn up by unqualified advisers, who push people into signing up.

Trusts are a complicated area of law and if it’s something you are considering, you need to take the advice of a qualified solicitor who is experienced in this field. With Salehs you’re in safe hands.  We will take into consideration your health, your family circumstances and your financial situation and provide a written report.  If a trust is recommended, you can take time to consider it and discuss it with your children.

If you have not made a Will, or not updated it for some time, please contact Fergal Farrell at Salehs on 0161 434 9991 to make effective plans for planning for your future care. With his expertise, you can be sure that you are protecting and safeguarding your assets for future generations, as well as mitigating inheritance tax liabilities. With Salehs You’re in Safe Hands

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